Bad Breath – Gum Diseases

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath, gum disease is the most common complaint for everyone. This can be a temporary problem which is caused by a meal with garlic, onions, or spices. Bad breath can be caused by periodontal disease, decay in teeth, decay under fillings or crowns, as well as digestive system. Odour caused by any of these conditions is chronic and needs to be treated by your dentist or physician.

Why bad breath?

Although there can be many medical reasons that cause the bad breath, most of the times it results from leftover food on and around your teeth. The mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and decompose. One can easily control bad breath by removal of food debris and plaque. Your dentist can treat bad breath by plaque removal replacement of broken fillings causing a food trap, restoration of decay, and/or eliminating gum disease. Plaque can also accumulate into the tongue surface, contributing to mouth odour.

How to prevent bad breath?

Brushing teeth twice a day, tongue cleaning, and flossing correctly once a day, are the best prevention and cure for bad breath. There are many brands of toothpastes, toothbrushe, floss, tongue scrapers, and mouth-rinses available on the market that claim to help prevent bad breath. No matter which product you use, be sure to thoroughly remove the bacterial plaque on a daily basis.

Consult your dentist for treatment of bad breath before it becomes a chronic source of embarrassment. Most often it is a sign of a dental problem. The sooner it is treated, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix.

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