Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

The latest revolution in dentistry is the dental laser. Lasers are very specific in regard to the wavelength produced. We utilise this advanced technology of dental lasers to perform soft tissue treatment in the surgery for our patients.

It causes bad breath, sore gums, receding gums and bone and loose teeth. It puts your heart at risk because the bacterial toxins can get to the heart valves. You can also transmit this bacterial infection to other people in your family through kissing or sharing utensils. Toothbrushes placed close together can also transfer bugs.

Minor gum infections can be treated by ultrasonic and Ozone cleaning, but more serious stages of gum disease usually need a deep scale and root planning. Many times this involves surgery that can be costly and traumatic. The good news is with lasers we can offer a more conservative and non-traumatic treatment for moderate to serious gum disease. We still give you the option to see a periodontist and refer you if we believe they can help you better.

The benefits of laser gum disease treatment are that it is a less invasive surgery without cutting and sutures. It’s painless and there is no swelling. Healing and recovery are very fast and you don’t need to take extra days off work. This will save you money and time.

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